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Spa body treatments

Body peeling and wrapping

Body peel with sea salt or sugar scrubs   30 min                                                   25€

Body exfoliation with aromatic salts or sugar is a great combination of a massage and a body treatment. You can choose the most suitable scrub. Done with a combination of oil and salt or sugar, the massage will exfoliate and smooth your skin, stimulate circulation, eliminate toxins and it also has a draining effect – the salts will absorb excess fluid from your body.

PERFECT BRONZE self-tanning treatment for face and body 45 min39€

This self-tanning treatment improves a dull and pale complexion by giving the skin a healthy and natural looking tan. You will look as if you have just enjoyed a weekend beach break.
First, the entire body and face are exfoliated with special exfoliants to remove dead skin cells, and ensure an even and long-lasting tan. The exfoliant is applied with nice massaging movements that relax the body and improve blood circulation.
Next, self-tanning products that give an instant sun-kissed tan are applied onto the body and face. Within a few hours, the skin gradually turns golden, resulting in a long-lasting tan.
After the treatment, the skin will have an even tan, and it will feel really soft and smooth.

Secret of a beautiful silhouette!

Mud magic 50 min/ 75 min 49€ 39€

The Mud from the Mullutu Suurlaht Bay in Saaremaa is the most effective and beneficial mud in Estonia due to its mineral content. The minerals and micro elements in it stimulate the blood circulation, lower the blood pressure, reduce muscular tension and help in case of joint problems. The mud also gives a very good effect on improving the appearance of your skin, reducing body measurements, fighting with cellulite, ejecting residual substances. The mud has deeply cleansing, moisturising, nurturing and dead skin cells removing effect. The treatment begins with body peeling and a massage. It is followed by a body wrap that contains honey from pure nature and valuable Saaremaa mud. Thanks to its healing qualities, honey actively changes the skin – it tones, strengthens and influences metabolism on a cell level. While the body wrap is doing its magic, a sculp massage is being performed. The longer treatment also includes a relaxing body massage with ethers oils.

Energy-giving body treatment   45 min                                                       39€

This body treatment includes a full-body exfoliation using mango extract and brown sugar. Energising essential oil is rubbed into the skin, leaving it soft and silky. The treatment is finished with a massage using calming essential oils, making your muscles relax and bodily tensions disappear.

Relaxing upper body treatment   30 min                                                    27€

This treatment is meant for clients with upper body tensions, needing to relax their shoulder area and neck. First, dead skin cells are exfoliated through circular movements, consequently improving circulation. Then, the upper body will be massaged using a moisturising and relaxing massage lotion. At the end of the treatment, an aromatic energising body spray is applied to the body, giving you a powerful scent emotion.

Tightening and smoothing skin treatment for cleavage, breasts and belly 40 min 39€

This treatment is meant for those who wish to smooth out cleavage wrinkles, and tighten the skin on their breasts and belly within a single treatment.
First, the treated body area is exfoliated with an enzyme exfoliant that contains fruit acids to prepare the skin for the better absorption and effect of the active ingredients. The exfoliation is followed by a light massage with a serum that boosts the production of collagen and elastin fibres. After the massage, an algae-based mask is applied onto the cleavage, breasts and belly, and the mask is removed in one piece after its effect has worn off. To finish the treatment, a special body cream is applied onto the skin.
After the treatment, cleavage wrinkles will be smoothed out, and the skin on breasts and belly will be noticeably tighter.

Anti-cellulite body treatment   45 min                                                                 39€

This body treatment includes a full-body exfoliation using mango extract and brown sugar. Slimming essential oil is massaged into the body, helping to break up cellulite. Next, a lotion and an anti-cellulite serum will be massaged into the body. This results in a slimmer figure, toned and silky skin. After the treatment, it is not recommended to have any water procedures for at least 6 hours.

Chocolate body treatment   75 min                                                                          47€

A luxurious treatment for your body and mind, for anyone wishing to experience a special, relaxing and de-stressing mask. The scent of chocolate will make your mood better and calmer. The treatment begins with body exfoliation, followed by a mask of warmed chocolate and sweet almond oil. In addition to indulging your senses, chocolate will moisturize and nourish your skin, improve circulation and metabolism. The treatment ends with a shower.

Luxurious amber body treatment   45 min                                                             35€

A luxurious treatment for your body and mind, for anyone wishing to experience a special, relaxing and de-stressing mask. Your body will be exfoliated with massaging movements, using a salt scrub with aromatic amber; after which you can wash the excess salt off in the shower. Then, an amber mask will be applied to the body, making your skin radiant, soft and elastic.

Special treatment for men 50 min / 90 min                                                55€ 35€

A relaxing treatment for men in the SPA-Jet capsule. The treatment takes place while lying down in the SPA-Jet capsule. Aroma concentrates are added to the capsule and a programme is chosen which contains an infrared-steam sauna, colour therapy, Vichy and Scottish shower, water and vibratory massage for the back and legs. Body peeling, body mask. The longer treatment also includes a massage.

Spa-Jet capsule cellulite and weight reduction treatment   50 min / 90 min  55€ 35€

The procedure is conducted while the client lies in the Spa-Jet capsule. An aroma concentrate is added to the capsule, and then a programme is selected, which include steam and infra-red sauna, colour therapy, Vichy and Scottish shower, water vibromassage for your back and legs. Exfoliating the body, bosy mask (cellulite or stress mask). Longer treatment also includes a massage.

Body treatment for pregnant mothers   45 min                                          35€

This treatment is meant for pregnant mothers, and it includes body exfoliation and a light massage. The treatment finishes when lotion is applied to the stomach, to prevent stretchmarks. The products used in this treatment are moisturising, restoring skin elasticity. As a result, your skin will be soft, glowing and smooth.

Hot paraffin wax treatment – ozokerite earth wax   20 min                         10€

Paraffin-ozokerite therapy represents superficial thermal treatment and is used topically in the event of muscle or limb problems. It helps to relax muscles, improves blood circulation of skin and subcutaneous tissues, reflectively extends blood vessels in deeper muscles and limbs while alleviating pain.The procedure uses a mixture and natural ozokerite or earth wax. Adding of ozokerite helps to keep the mixture warm longer. Natural essential oils present in ozokerite are known to have a healing effect.

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