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Hot paraffin wax treatment – ozokerite earth wax 20 min 10 €

Paraffin-ozokerite therapy represents superficial thermal treatment and is used topically in the event of muscle or limb problems. It helps to relax muscles, improves blood circulation of skin and subcutaneous tissues, reflectively extends blood vessels in deeper muscles and limbs while alleviating pain.The procedure uses a mixture and natural ozokerite or earth wax. Adding of ozokerite helps to keep the mixture warm longer. Natural essential oils present in ozokerite are known to have a healing effect.

Warming paraffin gloves 20 min 10 €

This restorative paraffin treatment uses a traditional spa paraffin bath. The treatment moisturises and restores dry and sensitive skin. Your skin will become soft and smooth. The relaxing treatment is invigorating and curative. The treatment is great for circulation problems and joint complaints. In addition to its efficiency, the paraffin with peach oil is also pleasant for your senses. The first stage is exfoliation, which prepares your skin for the paraffin treatment. This is followed by a paraffin bath. The warm paraffin treatment takes 10 – 15 minutes. The procedure is finished with a light massage.

Warming paraffin socks 20 min 10 €

This treatment will make your skin soft and well-moisturised. Paraffin with tea-tree oil eases pain and has an anti-inflammatory effect on chronic joint and muscle diseases, and post-traumatic changes. The paraffin treatment of the feet is thoroughly moisturizing, restoring and nourishing your skin, improving circulation and softening cuticles.

Salt chamber 30 min 5 €

The client lies and relaxes in the salt chamber for 30 minutes, breathing in salt air. The procedure is suitable for: asthma (reduced hyperventilation; swelling of mucous membranes of upper respiratory tracts (including stuffy nose, cold in head), stress and skin problems (allergic skin inflammations, psoriasis). The procedure is not suitable in the event of acute virus infections accompanied by high fever, serious asthma attacks, heart failure, renal diseases, during acute stages of lung diseases, tuberculosis, very acute breathing deficiencies and untreated hypertension.

Relaxation chamber   20 min                                                                                      5€

The interior design of this room helps to set the mood: recliners, a fish tank, a warm pebble floor, relaxing sounds. The relaxation session starts with a thorough guided muscle relaxation training, and continues with audio-visual effects (DVD), to take you away from your everyday worries and environment. The movie and the sounds will make you feel as if you’re on the beach or in a rain forest, whatever you wish. This procedure is suitable for everyone. You should be dressed comfortably, or wear sports clothes.

Light therapy   20 min                                                                                                    8€

Seasonal fatigue and depression caused by lack of light are now easy to fight. Light therapy is comparable to a harmless antidepressant. Light therapy should be started before the emergence of symptoms or immediately after their occurrence. Light therapy is recommended between autumn and winter, but you can also start in September or in spring – March or April. The effect of light therapy is usually noticeable very soon – in some people the differences can be observed in a week, in others it takes a couple of weeks. Light therapy gives a surge of energy and joy of living; symptoms of stress are reduced or disappear altogether. Light therapy is not suitable in the event of acute eye diseases.

UVB-light treatment 1 min–4 min 5 €

Treatment procedure showing good results used in the treatment of various skin diseases and allergic injuries. The treatment has to be approved by the doctor.

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