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Health through water

Charcot shower 15’ 10 €

A Charcot shower is a high pressure and controllable water jet massage. The shower is stimulating, improves blood circulation of the skin and in the subcutaneous tissues and improves metabolism. The shower also functions as an ideal anti-cellulite massage. The Charcot showeri s not suiitable in case of varicose viens and thrombosis. It is not recommended for pregnant women.

Underwater shower massage 15 min 15 €

A manual underwater massage stimulates blood circulation and relieves muscle tension. Using a hose which releases a pressurised water jet the whole body is massaged, beginning with the feet and finishing with the neck area. The sea salt added to the water gives the water massage all the healthy characteristics of sea water making the treatment even more enjoyable.

Oil dispersion bath   40 min   20€    

The dispersion device in the bath sprays the essential oils of an aromatic plant evenly into the water, so that the oil area in the bath will increase by 2500 times. This unique spray helps skin to absorb the oil completely. You will be in the bath for 20 minutes; after that there is a light massage with a special massage mitt. Then, your body will be covered with towels, and you can keep lying down and relaxing for 20 minutes.

Herbal pearl bath 15 min 10 €

A relaxing massage bath with aromatic and caring extracts that stimulate blood circulation and calm senses. The bath is foremost with a relaxing and stress relieving effect.

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