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Classical massage 30 min/40 min/60 min 35€ 28€ 20€

A classical massage relieves muscle tension and improves blood circulation. The effects on skin and subcutaneous tissues depend upon the techniques used, either relaxing or invigorating. A classical massage improves blood circulation and metabolism. Classical massage can be used in case of muscular tension, sleep disorders as well as for alleviating stress. The massage is not permitted in case of hypertension, varicose veins, skin diseases or fever.

Mud massage 50 min 25€

This massage is done with the mineral-rich mud from the Mullutu Bay in Saaremaa. Mud helps with muscle tensions and skin problems, improves circulation, and nourishes the skin, leaving it silky smooth.

Aromatherapy massage 60 min 40€

The aromatherapy massage is an old treatment and healing art, which balances the senses and nurtures the body. Light massaging movements together with natural essential oils soothe many problems. An aromatherapy massage is suitable for balancing stress, muscle tension, blood pressure fluctuations, sleep deprivation, overtiredness, anxiety and many other emotional conditions. Essential oils are also an excellent skin mask which firm, nurture and improve skin elasticity.

Honey massage 60 min 40€

Honey is used as an adhesive for eliminating “contaminated” energy found in the body. By absorbing through the skin, honey passes on its good healing properties. Resulting in improved physical shape and metabolism, cleansed energy channels. Good results are achieved in case of back problems, arthritis, colds, metabolic disorders and cellulitis. Not suitable in case of honey allergy.

Tibetan Massage with warm pouches 60 min 40€

Warm salt pouches are used for the massage to stimulate surface blood circulation and discharge residual products from the body while smoothing the skin. The warm pouches give off warmth which has a positive effect on muscles. A complete anti-stress treatment that is suitable for men and women.

Massage by VelusJet   20 min                                                                     13€

VelusJet is the cutting-edge underwater massage equipment, uniquely combining the power of water, heat and massage. VelusJet helps to reduce muscle tensions, to improve metabolism, to activate lymphatic drainage, to strengthen soft tissue structure, to make you feel better and well. This medical therapeutic massage equipment combines the curative effects of heat treatment, classical massage and underwater massage.

Information and booking of spa treatments
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