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Spa facial treatments

Relaxing facial treatment with massage   30 min                                        30€

This facial treatment with a relaxing massage is suitable for anyone who wants their skin to be beautiful, glowing and elastic again. The facial massage improves circulation and lymph circulation, your skin’s metabolism and oxygenation. The treatment begins by cleaning and toning the face, followed by a massage of your face, skin and cleavage. The treatment is completed by applying an eye cream and facial lotion to the skin. Your skin will be silky smooth, moisturised and soft.

Radiant facial treatment   30 min                                                               30€

Quick and efficient treatment, which includes a thorough exfoliation of your skin, and the application of a suitable mask. The latter will balance your skin, and restore all its needs. The treatment beings with cleaning and toning the face, followed by exfoliation and a mask according to your skin type, finished with a suitable eye cream and face lotion. Your skin will be pleasantly glowing and silky, well moisturised, and any fine lines caused by dehydration will be minimised.

Classic mosaic facial treatment   45 min                                                     42€

Classic facial treatment according to your skin type. Your skin will be cleaned, followed by exfoliation and a mask according to your skin type, finished with a serum suitable for your skin, and an eye cream and a facial cream. This treatment focuses on the basic needs of your facial skin.

Facial and cleavage treatment with honey   40 min                                              30€

This treatment begins with the cleaning and toning of your face, followed by exfoliation, a honey massage of your face, neck and cleavage. Honey improves metabolism and circulation, cleaning and restoring skin, making it soft and healthy, relaxing painful and tense muscles. The treatment will finish with the application of an eye cream and a face cream.

Information and booking of spa treatments

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