Spaa Hotell Rüütli

Mud treatments

Topical mud treatment 15-20 minn 15€

Heated mud mixed with camelina oil and peat is placed on the problematic area: back, elbows, wrists, knees or legs. It is recommended to take it easy and rest after the treatment.
Indications: rheumatic diseases, chronic inflammation of the joints and muscles, chronic skin diseases (psoriasis).

Mud massage 50 min 30€

Massaaži tehakse Saaremaa Mullutu lahe mineraaliderikka mudaga. Muda leevendab lihaspingeid ja nahaprobleeme, parandab vereringet ning toidab nahka jättes selle siidjaks.

Mud magic 50 min / 75 min 49€ 39€

The Mud from the Mullutu Suurlaht Bay in Saaremaa is the most effective and beneficial mud in Estonia due to its mineral content. The minerals and microelements in it stimulate the blood circulation, lower the blood pressure, reduce muscular tension and help in case of joint problems. The mud also gives a very good effect on improving the appearance of your skin, reducing body measurements, fighting with cellulite, ejecting residual substances. The mud has deeply cleansing, moisturising, nurturing and dead skin cells removing effect. The treatment begins with body peeling and a massage. It is followed by a body wrap that contains honey from pure nature and valuable Saaremaa mud. Thanks to its healing qualities, honey actively changes the skin – it tones, strengthens and influences metabolism on a cell level. While the body wrap is doing its magic, a sculp massage is being performed. The longer treatment also includes a relaxing body massage with ethers oils.

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